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Standing SEAM

Alpha's Standing Seam panel system was designed with ease and convenience in mind, as it offers panels of variable widths that are easy to install. The installation involves simply attaching the hold down clip along the panel rib and locking each panel into the prior one.


Total Width • 609.6mm (24in)
Effective Width • 609.6mm (24in)
Standard Tile Length • 350mm (13.77in)
Rise/Step • 20mm (0.78in)
Minimum Length • 75.50cm (29.7in)
Maximum Length • 24’+ (Limited with Delivery)
Materials • Steel-Zinc coating
Finishes • Matte/Crinkle Look


The installation involves simply attaching the hold down clip along the panel rib and locking each panel into the prior one. The Standing Seam Panel profile consists of hidden clips and fasters. Given its hassle-free installation, the Platinum Snap Lock profile is a common choice amongst residential, agricultural ,and commercial roofing projects. Unlike traditional roofing options such as tile or slate, the Standing Seam profile stands out as it is very easy to install, is highly cost effective, and it is entirely recyclable. Furthermore, this profile can elicit a wider range of creativity as it can be curved!


• Clean and chiseled look, comes in a variety of matte crinkled colours for added distinction
• Durable PVDF coatings make it extremely resistant against corrosion, colour fading or flaking
• The shape of the ribs and profile height give the Vertex panel unmatched strength
• Lightweight, yet strong, this panel reduces and eases the stress on the house structure


• Lower life cycle cost and the length of panels being custom tailored to the exact requirements makes it cost effective
• Easy installation with hidden hardware
• Superior quality and outstanding performance helps keep buildings cooler and the energy costs down


Slate Blue
Melcher’s Green
Heron Blue
Bright Red
White White
Slate Grey
Terra Cotta
Red Brown
Dark Brown
Galvalume Steel
Interior White *
Bright Silver *
Coppertone *
Sepia Brown
Deep Royal
Graphite Grey
* are special finishes

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