Treated Lumber

Long-lasting protection against rot, decay, and insects for outdoor construction projects.

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Long-lasting protection for outdoor projects.

Ensure long-term protection against rot, decay, and insect damage with our treated lumber. Treated with preservatives to enhance its resistance to environmental factors, our treated lumber is an ideal choice for outdoor construction projects. From treated lumber for decks and fences to treated posts and landscaping materials, we offer high-quality products that withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their structural integrity over time.


Dimensional Lumber

Our treated dimensional lumber offers the perfect combination of strength and durability for your construction projects. With a range of standard sizes available, you can confidently use our treated dimensional lumber for framing, flooring, and general carpentry applications, knowing that it is protected against decay and insect damage. Trust in the quality and reliability of our treated dimensional lumber to provide long-lasting performance.


Treated Timbers

Create sturdy and resilient outdoor structures with our treated timbers. Designed to withstand the elements, our treated timbers are treated with preservatives that provide excellent protection against rot, decay, and insect infestation. Whether you're building a deck, a retaining wall, or a landscaping feature, our treated timbers offer the strength and longevity required for outdoor projects.


Treated Decking

Enhance your outdoor living space with our treated decking materials. Our treated decking not only adds beauty to your deck but also ensures long-term durability and resistance to weathering. With its treated properties, our decking withstands moisture, UV exposure, and fungal decay, allowing you to enjoy a stunning and low-maintenance deck for years to come.


Fence Posts

Secure your fences with our treated fence posts, providing stability and longevity to your fence installation. Our treated fence posts are specially treated to resist rot and decay, ensuring that your fence remains strong and intact over time. With our reliable and treated fence posts, you can build fences that stand the test of time and provide the necessary security and privacy.


Treated Plywood

Utilize our treated plywood for various outdoor applications that require strength, durability, and resistance to moisture. Our treated plywood is specially treated to protect against decay and rot, making it an ideal choice for outdoor construction projects such as sheds, playhouses, and utility structures. Count on our treated plywood to provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for your outdoor building needs.



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